20 Dec 2005

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Theo Rayburn

Souriant^.^: I came to a fuzzy understanding the other day
The kind of people i'm interested in are the crazy ones
locked in a constant state of mental growth
the great thing is we burn like the brightest stars, intense connections.
but eventually we'll slow down or stop the exchange, loose interest in one another and grow apart..
after we've learned all we could from each other
so it will always end with my heart ache... there is just no way to keep her interested in me..
eventually i'll be 45 years old.
and i'll have to marry someone who is 22 years younger who will think i'm the most amazing person on the planet...
because she's so inexperienced..

Maria: if i were u, i would enjoy the moment and perhaps she just loves him )) that is why he is so amazing) do u want to be in his place?

Souriant^.^: that only works with people who don't crave new connections with others... simple people can do it. but i'd never be happy with a simple girl.


Copper said...

Relationships end. The biggest mistake human beings make is not realizing this. Relationships end, eventually.

Anonymous said...

That's why people get married and have kids: To keep things exciting ;)

Hm, the word verification starts with 'fear'... Can that thing read my mind?!

Dave said...

02:42] Dave: jeff
[02:42] Dave: read your article about work
[02:42] Dave: sorry.

[02:44] Dave: read the other one with the nasty comments about dasha and i and want to ask you make a decision: either appologize and explaine why you would intend such callous and unkind communication or please just stop mistaking my silence for an invitation for uninvited/undeserved abuse.

[02:44] Dave: It's like this for me: you are sometimes interesting and sometimes unpredictably cruel to me/us.

[02:45] Dave: We don't need that.
[02:45] Dave: Dasha gave up long ago.
[02:45] Dave: I keep trying.
[02:45] Dave: My reward is there on your recent post.

[02:46] Dave: Please consider either getting the help you need to get to the bottom of your issues an/or just leaving us alone please.

[02:46] Dave: I'm sorry for the hurt or confusion or illness or whatever motivates such unloving remarks.
[02:47] Dave: I have no interest in being part of "your process" in figuring it out or your punching bag should you choose to deny or blame or justify.

[02:49] Dave: I wish you anyway only the best always, despite the boundary that your unconscious reactivity and my sense of simple self-worth more and more clearly require.

[02:49] Dave: .

Tschäff said...

What post of mine has any unkind words about you and dasha? I've searched my whole blog for any mention of the name dasha and it's not in there. If any fighting words came from me it would have been from long ago. So show me where it is, and i'll be happy to remove it.

Dave said...

You are claiming that there IS a chance in hell that the following comment fell from your fingertips by pure coincidence?

Tschäff said...

Yes, I AM claiming that there is a chance that that comment was not about you! It was about all relationships where a much older man marries a much younger woman. It's inspired a bit by a friend of mine's relationship troubles. And the craving exploration in relationships is all me... I'm not out to get you m8. I had no fucking idea why you were so pissed at me now, and it disturbs me greatly that just mentioning a 22 year age difference in one of my visions of MY future is going to set you off as an attack on you. It was specifically MY vision of MY future as indicated by the use of the personal pronoun "I" in the post. You're not even 45!

Anonymous said...

Work it out for friennship sake guys ok?

Tschäff said...

Work out what? He thought I was talking about him, but I never was. A misunderstanding and no harm intended. Who is this anyways?

Dave said...

OK Jeff.
Sorry for my misunderstanding.

It was just verbatim things that you have said in moments upset past, to each of us, and so i/we obviously misunderstood that you have others in your life that you feel this way about.

Please forgive my mis-assumption.